Transform service delivery


IMPLEXpartners brings complex changes to life and builds the commitment and capacity for lasting progress.


We focus on service delivery

We strengthen human services, health care, housing, sanitation, transportation, criminal justice, parks and recreation, education, the arts and other vital services – public and private – by designing and implementing mergers, new delivery models, operational and financial turnarounds, shared services programs, organizational strategies, staffing strategies, new technologies and more.

Change is hard

Major change is tough to devise and tougher still to execute. To succeed, organizations must tackle the “hard” issues of strategy, operations management, business process, finance, technology and the like. They must also confront leadership, organizational design, teamwork, staff competency and commitment, labor relations and other so-called “soft” issues.


We enable success

We work expertly with both the hard and soft sides of change, upping the odds for success. We listen carefully, focus intently on measurable results, bring a wide range of consulting abilities to the table, and involve people broadly. We meet groups where they are and bring them farther than they think they can go.