"Figure out the institutional dynamics very quickly and work well with people to get things done.” - Chief Operating Officer

  • Shape winning strategies focused on tangible improvement in quality, financial return, growth or retrenchment, leadership, staffing and other results.
  • Present compelling and urgent cases for change to all those affected. 
  • Involve staff and other stakeholders meaningfully in strategy and implementation.  
  • Use 360-degree feedback, interviews, surveys and coaching to assess leaders and strengthen their ability to implement change.
  • Organize dynamic project management systems and provide interim management services. 

Spur turnaround


"They brought people from across the silos onto a work group and listened, rather than bringing a prebuilt plan to impose on us… pushed our executives to take action that supported the work group... upended the way the…organization did its work, and did this quietly and efficiently, which was a delight.” - Operating Chief Executive

  • Redesign direct services and the human resources, technology, maintenance and other activities that support them using Six Sigma, Lean, Breakthrough, and other proven methods.   
  • Tighten budgeting, expenditure control, revenue collection and other financial management. 
  • Create staffing and other models that track workload and productivity for efficiency and resource allocation. 
  • Strengthen teamwork across organizational silos and varied professions.  
  • Create enterprise-wide scorecards and performance management systems.

Grow commitment and capacity


"Connect with people throughout an organization – up and down the chain…” - Operating Chief Executive

"Bring a natural ability to encourage people to do their best and to work together as a team…” - Chief Medical Officer

  • Assess workplace health using surveys, interviews, focus groups, and 360-degree feedback and other tools, and develop plans that bolster culture.     
  • Coach leaders to listen closely to staff, involve them in change, equip and free them to do good work, hold them accountable, and recognize and assure them.
  • Raise the bar in staffing using competency-based practices instead of methods guided more by tradition than accurate insight into what service delivery truly requires.
  • Strengthen supervisors – the fulcrums for change – to support front-line staff. 
  • Develop healthy mindsets and behaviors among staff: respect, compassion, teamwork, responsibility, productivity, accountability, recognition and others.