Child welfare staffing

Managed teams of operations, personnel, technology and marketing people that redesigned the hiring process for child protection staff. Moved candidate sourcing to the web, created a novel self-screening process, established competency-based hiring, and launched an innovative marketing campaign. The changes doubled job applications, attracted people far more suited for the work, helped cut attrition in half, and strengthened morale. New York Times article

Child development merger

Merged community-based child care and Head Start programs. Provided common year-round calendars, longer hours of service, unified classrooms, better trained staff, common intake processes, support services for all families, universal parent involvement, and consolidated contracts. The project served as a model for system-wide child development integration.

IT system implementation

Rolled out a massive new welfare information system to 60 field locations, meeting an aggressive implementation schedule while protecting client benefits and reducing errors.

New health care model

Designed and implemented transitional care services in several acute care hospitals, lowering readmissions, improving care and strengthening hospital bottom lines. Transitional Care Unit Implementation

Physician practice acquisition

Led acquisition and merger of independent pediatric practices into a large multi-disciplinary practice. Negotiated deals and integrated operations, improving margins for both sides and enabling acquired practices to provide high quality care without financial worry.